Where can you use Emboss-O-Tags?

Emboss-O-Tags are the best double sided soft write on metal tags to use in many different applications.

Here's a brief list of how our customers have used our tags in the past:

  • Place them into small pots to identify seeds.
  • Tagging gifts and gift bags.
  • Grafting trees and identifying branches.
  • Identifying Camellias and all sorts of different flower species
  • Industrial Job tracking - easy to tie parts with a number and purchase order or job order.  Especially helpful with custom parts.
  • Powder coating and painting custom parts.  These tags can be painted and powder coated and remain readable.  
  • Staple these directly onto logs and trees.
  • Identify pipes and other equipment in wet or oily conditions.
  • Identify tools or keys.
  • Identify test samples.
  • These tags are non magnetic and won't cause issues with flight instrumentation.
  • These tags will never rust and can be used near salt water without any issue.