Make a deep impression with just a pencil on these (almost) indestructible soft metal write on tags

A package of Emboss-o-tags soft metal double sided write on tags.  The soft metal tags and wires are placed in a visually appealing layout.

Thousands of happy customers:

I've been tagging my camellias for years with your tags.

Gardening Enthusiast

These are the ONLY tags that work in our production processes.

Outdoor Equipment Manufacturer

Can't beat these for tagging trees.

Alaskan Forestry Professional
a hand holding a pen is shown above an emboss-o-tag that has been debossed with the words "Label your stuff" by the pen

Write into the soft metal with a pen or pencil


Black and White graphic of a faded tag with illegible writing

No more faded writing

Black and White graphic of a torn tag

No more torn or brittle tags

Graphic of a burnt tag with a flame graphic at the bottom.

No more burnt tags