What are Emboss-O-Tags?

Emboss-O-Tag Double Sided Soft Metal Write On Tags were originally developed to help customers who kept running into the same problems over and over with their paper or plastic tags. 

  • Bleeding or faded ink made it impossible to figure out what the tags were supposed to identify. 
  • Ripped and torn tags also left customers frustrated with mystery items in their hands. 
  • Not to mention, when paper or plastic tags are left out in the sun, you can bet there won't be much left of them after a few weeks. These tags would eventually get brittle or rotten.  

So born out of necessity, Emboss-O-Tags Double Sided Soft metal write on tags were created and produced out of a tiny garage start up in Burbank, California shortly after WWII.

These aren't hard like dog tags.  They're actually made using a composite of aluminum and fiberboard and they're soft enough to write into with a ball point pen or a pencil.  The debossed impression is permanently created in these tags and because they are so thick, you can write on both sides of the tags without making any impressions to the other side.  It's like getting 2 tags for the price of one!

Although you could use a metal stamping kit to mark your letters and numbers into the tags, you'll find that Emboss-O-Tags are very soft enough to make a deep impression using a regular ball point pen.  In fact, the ball point pen doesn't require any ink, so there's one use to recycle empty ball point pens.

If you have ANY questions about the tags, please contact us and we'll be sure to address your concerns.